Internet Transparency Will Lead to a Decrease In Your Restaurant’s Revenue

Your Customers Always Want to be In the Know

It’s normal for customers to want as much information as possible about the places they patronize. Why wouldn’t they? They’re going to be spending their money. Companies that exist to give information to the consumer public have taken note of this trend and are beginning to adjust accordingly. You don’t want to lose out on a large chunk of revenue from potential customers. So, make sure all the information out in the open will only drum up positive publicity for your restaurant.

Yelp Has Added Health Inspection Scores To Their Interface

Over the past few months, Yelp has launched a new aspect to their online presence. No longer are they simply publishing user generated reviews and basic information about restaurants. They have begun working with local governments and health inspection services to display restaurant health scores to their users. This is definitely an added benefit for those restaurants that have managed to retain their “A”. It’s one more piece of positive publicity to drive up their revenue.

Why Retaining Your “A” is More Important Than Ever

The addition of health inspection scores on Yelp is an obstacle for those of you who may have gotten a less than stellar letter grade last time around. Before Yelp added this feature to their interface, customers were going off customer reviews alone. As we know, you can have stellar customer reviews and amazing food and still have gotten dinged enough points to drop you down to a “B”. So, potential customers would have to make their decision about patronizing your restaurant after having those great reviews on their mind. Odds are, they would be more likely to overlook the lack of an “A” at that point. Yelp has taken that moment of decision away from customers. Now, you have to make sure to get and retain your “A” if you want potential customers to even think about eating at your restaurant.

StoreRanker Can Help You Stay Ahead of Transparency Trend

Retaining the “A” of your restaurant will maintain your revenue stream. With StoreRanker’s standard health inspection forms, you will have access to the exact standards expected of you come time for your health inspection. StoreRanker gives you real time access to your health and safety standards at any moment. These standardized audit forms are easy to use and easily completed. You won’t need overly complicated training to retain your good standing and avoid losing customers.  To learn more about StoreRanker and how we can help you retain your “A”, contact us today at