5 Questions to Expect from Prospective Residents’ Families

Prospective Residents Require Transparency If You’d Like Their Business

Choosing an assisted living facility is an important choice for the prospective resident and their family. Everyone involved wants to make sure that the facility chosen is the right fit for the resident. No one is going to make the decision lightly and will more often than not involve the families asking each facility any number of questions. The questions make sure that the resident will be treated well and often cover the following subjects:

1. What is your resident-to-staff ratio during day shifts? Night shifts?

Residents’ families need to make sure that their loved on is going to be taken care of. There are horror stories floating around of facilities who don’t have anyone on staff overnight and residents end up neglected.

2. What kind of experience/training does your staff possess?

Families want to make sure that your facility does have the kind of experience necessary to take care of their loved one. Usually, assisted living facilities take in residents who have a little more independence than those who live in nursing homes but that doesn’t mean training and experience are unnecessary.

3. Do you do an assessment prior to admitting a resident?

Families want to make sure that you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. If you take an assessment before admission, you will be fully aware of the prospective resident’s health. Facilities that don’t take an initial assessment may be caught unawares after admission. That can lead to neglect if not adequately trained to handle a specific health issue.

4. Can you describe some of the current residents?

This question can simply be a family’s way of making sure the culture of the facility is in line with their loved one’s desire. It could also be a family’s way of making sure that you have experience with the type of help their loved one will need. Either way, this question could make or break getting new business.

5. What other services are available if a resident’s needs change?

Assisted living facilities are expensive. And it takes a toll on both residents and families if a resident has to bounce from location to location if their needs change. Facilities that are willing to work with a family (or have the resources to do so) will have a leg up in the competition as it will reassure families that their loved one will be taken care of with minimal hassle should other needs arise.

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