5 Common Assisted Living Facility Violations to Look Out For

Your Residents Expect Excellent Care

Residents and their loved ones expect top-notch care from assisted living facilities. It’s what they’re paying for. We like to believe that we are providing excellent care to those who are living in facilities. However, keeping track of everything that needs to be done can be overwhelming. Those who live in the facilities are counting on you to keep them healthy and safe but there may be moments where your standards are less reliable than they should be simply because the alternative is easier. Here are the 5 most common Assisted living facility violations to look out for:

1. Administration of Medication

A very common mistake that facilities make is failing to dispose of expired medication. This is a lapse in organization that may not seem like a big deal at the time but can cause trouble for residents if not corrected.

2. Daily Care

Violations sometimes take place when caretakers lapse in the residents’ daily routines or forget a step along the way. This could lead to a lack a cleanliness or hygiene that will snowball into larger health issues for the residents.

3. Food Quality

Just like any restaurant or other business, if you aren’t storing or preparing food in accordance to the standard you will be cited with a violation. Something as simple as putting food near a cleaning product will cost you.

4. Employee Health

You need to be aware that some of your residents have weakened immune systems.  If you and your employees don’t keep track of when you need to vaccinate yourselves to protect your residents, you will have a much larger problem on your hands.

5. Emergency Plans

Always have emergency plans in place! Obviously, natural disasters or other crises can happen at any time. You should make sure to have disaster drills scheduled so everyone in the facility will be prepared when the time comes. To be unprepared means getting a citation.

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