3 Ways Dashboards Can Improve Employee Engagement

Data dashboards can support efforts to keep employees engaged in your organization

3 Ways Dashboards Can Improve Employee Engagement

A healthy work-life balance is great, but all the same, you don’t want your employees to see their work as “just a job,” something to trudge through until they can get back to “real life” on evenings and weekends. It’s important for employees to not only enjoy the work that they do, but also feel that that work is important to the company as a whole. As the Corporate Leadership Council puts it, “engaged and satisfied employees feel a profound connection to their company, and are driven to help their employers succeed.”

While better salaries, benefits, and other perks can help keep employees happy—or at least keep them from quitting—ultimate satisfaction lies in making employees feel that their work is productive and valuable to the organization as a whole. Here are three possible ways that you can use the power of analytics—and specifically, analytics presented through data dashboards—to drive employee engagement and support the success of your business.

Show Transparency

In order to see how their work is having an impact on the organization as a whole, employees need to be kept up to speed on important metrics related to their own performance and that of the company, such as department productivity, employee retention, customer acquisition, total sales, etc. Dashboards allow this kind of data to be shared with all stakeholders in a visual format that is easy to understand at a glance. This kind of transparency can help employees identify and respond to performance issues more quickly as well.

Give & Solicit Feedback

Surveys are an excellent tool for soliciting feedback from employees. However, if the survey data is never analyzed and acted on (or employees cannot tell that it has been), the exercise is much less useful. Displaying survey results on a data dashboard can help employees feel that their opinions are being heard. Private dashboards can also be useful for giving feedback to employees. Comments and reviews from customers, coworkers, and managers can be collected and displayed in one simple view and updated in real time so employees can tell when they’re improving.

Foster Competition

Friendly competition between individual employees or groups of employees has been proven to lead to measurable increases in engagement and productivity and decreases in absenteeism. Dashboards provide a fun way to track progress in any kind of competition, whether it involves a business goal like sales performance or a personal goal like weight loss.

New Tool for Building Data Dashboards

StoreRanker is a simple, user-friendly tool designed to help you gather information on business activities and present this information in a clear, easily shareable data dashboard. You can create customized dashboard views for employees at different levels of the organization, such as C-suite executives, area managers, store managers, and employees. StoreRanker is a cloud-based system that can run on just about any smartphone, computer, or tablet. To learn more or request a free demo, please contact us at contact@storeranker.com.