3 Things You May Not Have Known CMS Regulates

CMS Protects Residents’ Welfare

When residents move into assisted living or a nursing home, they want assurance of care. More than that, they their specific needs accounted for and met. You would think that this is a no brainer. Unfortunately, understaffing can overwhelm assisted living facilities and nursing homes . Sometimes, don’t have the proper oversight to ensure proper care of residents. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulate any facilities that accept those coverage. They make sure to oversee aspects of the facility that residents may not even think about.

1. Develop a comprehensive care plan for each resident

Each resident living in a facility is unique. It doesn’t matter if 85% them are in assisted living for the same disease, they each require an individually tailored care plan. CMS ensures that the patient comes first. A resident’s well-being is contingent upon the assisted living facilities developing a detailed plan.

2. Ensure that the resident has the right to choose activities, schedules, and health care

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living facilities and nursing homes do not cater to those completely unable to care for themselves or dying. Residents who utilize assisted living may not have any family able to help them or would like some form of independence while still needing support. Assisted living is not a trap for the elderly where they have no say in their care. In fact, the regulated facilities exist as a form of protection for residents’ rights. They ensure those rights do not get stripped or diminished.

3. Promote each resident’s quality of life

This is probably the vaguest of all regulations overseen by CMS (and for good reason). CMS can define “quality of life” in a myriad of ways which gives them a broader scope of oversight with which to regulate facilities. This protects residents from abuse, neglect, forgotten medications, etc. A resident’s quality of life encompasses so much that essentially, anything done in conflict with a resident’s best interests in mind would fall into this category.

StoreRanker Can Help CMS Keep Residents Safe

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