3 Misconceptions About Health Inspections that can Cost You Revenue

You Should Always be Striving Toward Retaining your “A”

We all want our restaurants to succeed. Our businesses are our pride and joy. We have poured a lot of ourselves into these ventures. The first thing on your list should always be the health inspection. Your restaurant will undergo these at least once a year. Without that “A” in your window, you will see a guaranteed decline in revenue at your restaurant. The following misconceptions often overlooked by owners and customers alike:

  1. Restaurant owners and staff believe they know what the standards are for health inspections.

    This is usually not the case. Owners and/or staff may not have the proper training to know every single item the health inspector will go over during the visit. Anyone has the ability to open a restaurant or work in one. This leads to problems for the restaurant down the line. If you don’t know the exact standards and expectations of the health and safety of your restaurant, your chances of being knocked down a letter grade increase exponentially.

  2. If you only have one violation, you will not get knocked down a letter grade.

    In reality, a single violation can absolutely knock you down an entire letter. Health inspections use a points system. Crucial items have a larger points value than something less critical. For example, waste disposal takes precedent over building structure and denotes a larger weight of the grade to reflect that. If docked on a single crucial item, even if everything else is perfect, you will not retain your “A”.

  3. A restaurant that lacks an “A” is unsafe and shouldn’t be patronized.

We all have negative connotations of restaurants that have anything less than an “A” on display. Restaurants fix most, if not all, violations immediately upon the inspector point them out. Most customers don’t know, or don’t care to know, this fact. Violations could be as simple as tossing out food that was not at a safe temperature. These violations don’t mean that the restaurant is unsafe to patron, only that they needed to make adjustments. Customers don’t see the inner workings of the inspection and so are only going by what they have displayed in front of them.

StoreRanker Can Help You Overcome Health Inspection Misconceptions

Retaining the “A” of your restaurant will maintain your revenue stream. With StoreRanker’s standard health inspection forms, you will have access to the exact standards expected of you come time for your health inspection. You will also have real time access to your health and safety standards at any moment. These standardized audit forms are easy to use and easily completed, which means no overly complicated training to retain your good standing and avoid losing customers.  To learn more about StoreRanker and how we can help you retain your “A”, contact us today at contact@storeranker.com.